Other Support Services

The following information about support services is an overview of different services and how to make the most of the services. PANDA's Postnatal Depression Services Database provides the contact details of many services within the following groups - Contact PANDA.

Check here for an updated list of related sites and online resources.

What stops women from getting help?

There can be many reasons why women with antenatal and postnatal depression do not get help as soon as they feel something is wrong:

  • She may not know what antenatal or postnatal depression is and how it is different from the normal struggles of being a new parent.
  • She may not be ready to acknowledge her difficulties and that she is not coping.
  • She may have difficulty putting her painful feelings into words.
  • Depression itself may stop her from seeking help even if she knows something is wrong - low energy, motivation and withdrawal.
  • She may be feeling guilty that she is not happy and that she can't snap out of it.
  • She may have a powerful need to be seen as normal and a good mother (stigma).
  • She may not trust her service providers eg may be frightened that she will lose her baby, be put into hospital or put on medication.

Recovery from antenatal and postnatal depression will be more likely if the woman is able to access services as early as possible. It is also really important that she feels comfortable with whoever she is seeking support from and that she feels heard and understood. It can take time to set up these supports and to find a good 'fit' with the service provider so try to persevere.

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