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PANDA rebrand puts the spotlight on perinatal anxiety

Last Updated: Thursday, 02 July 2015 15:44

PANDA today unveiled a fresh new look and a name change to highlight anxiety as a key mental health issue for expecting and new parents.

PANDA rgb verticalPANDA has rebranded, changing its full name to Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia and launching a new logo, colours and website look.

CEO Terri Smith said the name change puts anxiety front of mind as a perinatal mental health issue and better illustrates the reach and breadth of PANDA’s work.

“We know that perinatal anxiety is as common, if not more so, than depression and can be as debilitating. Over 50% of callers to our national Helpline describe symptoms of anxiety. Many parents also experience anxiety and depression at the same time.”

“Our new name retains the ‘PANDA’ that people know and shows the importance of recognising and supporting parents’ mental health right through the perinatal period (during pregnancy and after birth).

Antenatal anxiety and depression are strong risk factors in developing postnatal anxiety and depression. However, early treatment during pregnancy can reduce these risks. We need to consider a parent’s wellbeing across this continuum, rather than viewing these periods as separate.  

“Perinatal anxiety and depression affects both women and men and we wanted a modern, gender-neutral look and logo that reflects PANDA’s expertise and the services we provide.”

The new colours are uplifting and warm to inspire hope. And the logo incorporates three elements that are central to the journey to recovery:

Ideation image

  • A speech bubble – signifying communication and PANDA’s Helpline support
  • An imperfect heart – as parenting isn’t perfect; love, the heartbreak of perinatal anxiety and depression, and the empathy PANDA provides through our lived experience expertise
  • Union - parent and child, PANDA and a parent



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