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PANDA partners with the Imperfect Mum to Empower Women

Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 July 2015 08:41

Emowering-Women-2015-conferPANDA is delighted to be a charity partner of the Empowering Women 2015 Conference being held on Saturday August 22nd  in Melbourne. 

The event was founded by Kristy Vallely, the woman behind the popular blog, 'The Imperfect Mum'. Having suffered from postnatal depression herself, Kristy is a strong advocate for breaking down stigma and talking about it.

The conference hosts a diverse line up of speakers and topics aimed to inspire women to make their lives as fulfilled and positive as possible.

Kristy said: "As a society we are bombarded with images of this unrealistic picture of what motherhood should be. It’s this unattainable picture that I think a lot of women strive for. I wanted to break down that image."

PANDA information and a personal account of the struggle and recovery from postnatal depression will be shared at the conference. Other topics include:  

  • The importance of self love and self care and how can we embrace our role as mums, while continuing to nourish our personal and professional development
  • Illustrating the need to break free from motherly guilt and how to do it
  • How to find your authentic self and live truthfully

For more information and to puchase tickets, click here 


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