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PANDA supports Mental Health Week

Last Updated: Monday, 05 October 2015 10:17

2015 Mental Health Week poster

PANDA is proud to support the fantastic initiatives taking place this week in support of Mental Health Week October 4 -10 and World Mental Health Day on October 10.  

Whilst supporting parents and educating the community around perinatal mental health is at the core of PANDA’s work, we know that the far reaching and indiscriminate nature of mental illness is an issue for all Australians.

PANDA CEO Terri Smith said “We know that  breaking down the stigma associated with mental illness, including perinatal anxiety and depression, is key to reducing the barriers to seeking support. ‘Mental Health Begins with Me’ is an important reminder for all Australians that we have a responsibility to speak up and continue conversations around mental health. No one should suffer in silence.”




How can you be involved this Mental Health Awareness Week?

  • Support ABC’s Mental As Week- ABC will again focus a week of programming on mental health and illness and lead discussion, debate and community awareness on an issue that affects many Australians. As with last year’s successful initiative, ABC Mental As will offer a variety of innovative and entertaining programs across TV, radio and online exploring mental illness, health and wellbeing. See the full programming here http://www.abc.net.au/mentalas/contentguide.htm

  • Continue the discussion on SANE forums- ABC viewers will be given a link to related forums hosted by SANE Australia in partnership with leading mental health organizations at the conclusion of Mental As programs. SANE forums provide peer support for people living with mental illness and for families, friends and carers.  http://mentalas.saneforums.org/

  • Mental Health Begins with Me! – Help Mental Health Australia get the message out in support of World Mental Health day on October 10.  The campaign asks everyone to make a simple, personal mental health promise and then share it on social media. Head to the website, make a mental health promise to yourself and share your promise on social media, using the hashtag #WMHD2015.



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