Lunch Out Loud

Lunch Out Loud is an initiative to raise awareness and funds for the ongoing support and education of the community regarding perinatal anxiety and depression. 

How do you Get Loud?

PANDA are asking supporters and individuals to organise a lunch or get together where people can talk Out Loud and have honest conversations about the joys and challenges of parenthood. Everyone's journey to parenthood is unique and different. 

Five easy steps to enjoying your Lunch Out Loud

1. Set the date - Whilst Lunch Out Loud is designed to coincide with PNDA Awareness Week in November, you can hold your event at any time during the year!

2. Invite guests - Invite as many people as your venue can handle- at home, in a restaurant/café or at work.

3. Use social media - Facebook is a great way to promote and plan your Lunch Out Loud. Set up an event page, invite your guests and keep them updated in preparation for your event: > #LunchOutLoud #PNDAawarenessweek #StartTheConversation

4. Collect funds- you can accept donations, hold a raffle, charge an entry donation, hold a bake sale- the possibilities are endless!
Download PANDA's credit card donation form so guests can make their donation on the day.

5. Depositing funds to PANDA - Deposit your funds via our Lunch Out Loud online donation form.
If you have credit card donation forms email them to

6. Most importantly, have FUN – At PANDA we hear every day that parenthood is tough; friendship and support are a great first step in this unique journey. 

Get all the information you need from our Guide to Lunching Out Loud.

Other PANDA Resources: 
PANDA has a range of resources including pamphlets, factsheets and postcards that you may want to distribute at your event. 
PANDA provides theses resources free of charge. Please visit our resource page and use the Resource order form to make your order.


Q: When can I hold a lunch?
A: Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week runs in the third week of November however you can hold your event any time during November or December.

Q: Do I have to register my event?
A: There is no formal registration process for organising an event.
However, if you are fundriasing for PANDA at your Lunch Out Loud you are required to fill out a Fundraising Aggreement Form.

Q: Does it have to be a lunch?
A: Your event can be whatever you would like it to be. A morning tea, afternoon tea, dinner, bake sale, movie night.
However you choose to 'get loud' about parenthood and perinatal anxiety and depression is up to you!

Q: How do I raise money for PANDA?
A: How you go about fundraising is entirely up to you! You can charge an entry donation as part of your lunch, pass around a collection, hold a raffle or bakesale...

Q: How do I let people know I'm organising a lunch?
A: An easy way to share your event is through social media. Create an event page on facebook and invite you friends to attend!
You could also create posters or flyers and share them around the community. 

Q: How do I bank the funds I've raised?
A: Deposit your funds via our Lunch Out Loud online donation form.
If you have credit card donation forms email them to

Q: Are donations tax deductible?
A: Your guest's donations over $2 are tax deductible. Your guests can receive tax receipts by completing the Tax Receipt Request Form. Print Tax Receipt Request Form

Q: Are there any resources I can hand out at my event?
A: PANDA has a range of resources available on our website that are suitable for distribution at your event  - Please visit our resource page and use the resource order form to make your order.

For fundraising or Lunch Out Loud inquiries please contact: 
Leticia at



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