Maternal and Child Health Service

All women who have a baby are expected to see their Maternal and Child Health Nurse, it is a normal part of the early years of a child's life. The Maternal and Child Health Service provides information and advice for families with children from birth to 6 years about child health and development, parental health, parenting and home safety.

Many new parents see their Maternal and Child Health Nurse as focusing primarily on their baby and child's well being. They are also there to look after the well being of the mother of the baby and children and the family as a whole. It is really important for the new mother to talk to her Maternal and Child Health Nurse about how she feels and her concerns. There is always scope for the mother to see another Nurse to ensure that she is comfortable to talk.

What will the Maternal and Child Health Nurse do?

  • See you and your baby regularly for key ages and stages visits to monitor the baby's development and milestones.
  • Ask you how you are feeling and coping, maybe ask you to complete a screening tool (eg a questionnaire such as the Edinburgh Postnatal depression Scale) to see if there are any concerns.
  • Refer you to your Doctor for further assessment and diagnosis of antenatal or postnatal depression.
  • Refer you to other local services for additional support including the Enhanced Home Visiting Service within Maternal and Child Health Service.
  • Provide you with support and encouragement as you get used to being a parent and work towards recovery.
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