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How can you get involved?

There are 3 ways you can get involved…






1. Start talking on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media profiles.

We are thrilled this year to have even developed even more graphics for your to share to get people talking online. Share them via your personal profile or on your business/blog pages. Don't forget to tag your posts with #bePNDaware too.



Click to download the "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for PANDA" graphic

Follow this link to even more PANDAS shareable graphics






2. Let your pictures do the talking on Instagram on Wednesday 19 November

Perinatal depression comes in many shapes and forms and we want to get the word out that if you are struggling, there is help available. Download an image below and upload to Instagram or post your own black and white image on Wednesday 19 November with the tag #bePNDaware.












3. Start talking on your blog.

Again with our partners Brand meets Blog we have set up a blog hop for those who wish to share their own experiences or open their blog up to host the stories of others. You may wish to write a new post or link up an older post.

Please note: PANDA take bloggers very seriously and have created support documents for any bloggers who choose to blog about their experience. These documents provide you with information about responding to any blog readers or commenters who are in need/crisis. The PANDA hotline is also available to talk to any bloggers who need support dealing with specific responses from within their community. You can access that information here: PANDA resources for bloggers via the Brand meets Blog website.

PANDA also has a range of fact sheets that provide more in depth information on a range of related topics. In 2013 PANDA launched a new website specifically for dads that also has a wealth of information, tips and videos for new dads;www.howisdadgoing.org.au

We’d like to encourage you to add the linky to the bottom of your post as it will direct people to PANDA where they can access support. If you would like to do this then visit the following page to get the code:http://new.inlinkz.com/luscript.php?id=340862

A thank you to Brand meets Blog who first created this conversation on their blog.

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