PANDA Community Champions


Volunteers are at the heart of PANDA’s work. Over many years PANDA has built a thriving volunteer community which offers support to families affected by perinatal anxiety and depression; and education and training to health professionals and community groups.

PANDA is excited to offer a new opportunity for passionate and committed women and men to get involved. PANDA’s Community Champions program is a national network of volunteers who champion PANDA’s mission to support families in a positive transition to early parenthood. Along with raising community awareness about perinatal anxiety and depression, our Community Champions also promote PANDA’s specialist perinatal services and support PANDA’s community fundraising activities.

Who can be a PANDA Community Champion?

Women and men with a personal experience of perinatal anxiety and depression or postpartum psychosis are welcome to apply to become a Community Champion. By personal experience we mean you have either experienced perinatal anxiety and depression or postpartum psychosis yourself or supported a partner or family member through their experience.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Champion the first step is for you to consider where you are in your recovery journey. It is crucial that you are recovered sufficiently to be able to raise awareness by sharing your personal experience without compromising your own well-being.

What does a PANDA Community Champion do?

PANDA’s Community Champions can choose from a wide range of activities to suit their personal interests skills and availability. The program is super flexible so you get to choose the extent of your involvement. To learn more, please read the links below. We also welcome any other ideas you might have about what might suit the needs of your local community.


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How do I get involved?

To register your interest, please complete the Community Champions application form. When received, our Community Champions Coordinator will be in contact to discuss your involvement. To participate in the Community Champions program you will need to have access to email.


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