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PANDA is committed to increasing awareness about perinatal anxiety and depression in the Australian community, including addressing issues of stigma and shame to help new mums and dads seek help quickly.

Regular gifts are hugely valuable to PANDA.

They allow us to plan ahead and make sure vulnerable expecting and new parents are able to identify what is happening to them and recover more quickly

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Every month helps us supply vital information and resources to mums and dads affected by perinatal anxiety and depression so they can get support and recover more quickly.

Every month helps us break down the stigma surrounding perinatal anxiety and depression so people don’t delay seeking help, potentially putting lives in danger. 

Every month can go towards educating health professionals about perinatal anxiety and depression so their patients get the right treatment and support. 

Every month can help us train our Community Champion volunteers to share their stories in their local communities so people know the signs and can seek help before things get too serious.

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