PANDA Ambassadors

Matt Tilley PANDA AmbassadorMatt Tilley 

Matt Tilley has recently joined KIIS FM after being one half of Fox FM's high rating breakfast radio show 'The Matt and Jo Show' for many years in Melbourne, Australia. Matt and his wife have 3 children, and he recently referred to his experiences of being a dad on PANDA's new website How is Dad going?In 2008 Matt ran from Clarendon St in South Melbourne to Frankston and raised $91,500 for PANDA.






Samira El Khafir PANDA AmbassadorSamira El Khafir 

Samira El Khafir is a qualified hairdresser and former telecommunications worker. She lives with her husband Mahmoud in Melbourne and is now a stay-at-home mother to her two gorgeous daughters Nada and Mariam. She is close to her family and extended family, and her cooking reflects the merger of her Arabic and Aussie backgrounds.

With a big personality, Samira cites her top three loves as her girls, shoes and bags. She is also a sports lover, particularly AFL and her team, the Collingwood Football Club.Samira says her mother's cooking is the best food she has ever eaten and her love of food has grown from family get-togethers throughout her life.Her dream is to open kitchen workshops for disadvantaged children in Australia where they can come and cook, have a good time and go home with the meals they've prepared.

"I just want to put a smile on their faces. The feeling you experience when you have good food around is amazing”

Life changed for Samira when she experienced postnatal depression and as part of her recovery her attention turned to raising awareness among her community and new parents. Her experiences through Masterchef have also been life changing and provided her with the opportunity to encourage people to speak up and receive the assistance they need.

“I want to let women and men know this is just a hurdle in life and there is always an out! Mine was through my love of food and the help of loved ones. There is a way out, you just need to open up and accept help.”

PANDA is absolutely thrilled to have Samira as our Ambassador to raise awareness and to reach wider communities in Australia. In Samira’s words:

“I always go by the key to happiness is to live each day as if it’s your last and that the world is your oyster and don't hold back. Dare to dream and your dream will happen as mine did.I suffered with postnatal depression for over 1 year and my love of food inspired me to enter Masterchef, now I feel I can accomplish anything.”

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